Things I've
written 🗞

Some of my reflections and rants on different topics, including politics, the Eurovision Song Contest and LGBT+ issues, over the past however many years.

Coming out still matters

Restoring Labour's reputation

Leaving the party

Eurovision's new recipe

New Labour is dead

Where are you now?

Just out of time for Labour

Game, set and match

Talking about my generation

You don't know how it ends

If you don't laugh, you'd cry

Nigel Farage isn't the answer

Grindr didn't kill the gay bar

Gove figure

Somebody stole my face

12 points for normal

Making your mind up time

I want my kids to come out

Keeping Schtum

Generation BRIT

Customers can only complain

A Korean Winter

What is it you're looking for?

Always is over now

Respect would be success

Stock Check

An hour of equality